Wireless Systems


wireless_retailIt is not always possible to hard-wire a full security system in all retail properties, therefore Wireless alarm Systems can be used as an alternative to a hard-wired system. They use Radio Frequency (RF) to transmit the signal from the wireless detector, keypad or remotes Transmitter to the receiver module at the control equipment.

Wireless Systems still use the same generic components as a hard-wired system, however, wireless keypads, detectors and sirens can be installed in places which are difficult to cable, such as detached premises or storage units.

Wireless Systems may also be used for aesthetic purposes; Fortress Security takes pride in our work and understands that clients would prefer not to see unsightly cables or trunking in their newly-refurbished shop or retail outlet. We are able to identify during the initial site visit whether or not a Wireless System is needed.

Fortress Security also offers the option of hand-held wireless remotes. These can be attached to a key-ring and can arm/disarm the system without the need of using a PIN number at the keypad. The remotes can also be used as a panic, activating the sounders if pressed in a duress situation, or simply to open and close an automated door.


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