Fortress Security offers the option of alarm monitoring to a 24 hour monitoring station.


All of our monitoring customers are offered a complimentary monitoring login and are issued a Username and Password so that they can view their alarm's activity through a web browser. There is even a free iPhone application available for viewing from your iPhone.

In the event of alarm activation the security alarm panel sends signals via a phone line (or cellular dialler) to a receiver unit located at the monitoring station, which is processed by a member of staff - 24 hours a day.

The monitoring staff can action the alarm signals in accordance with a unique response plan set out by you; i.e. despatch a guard or security response company, call a key holder etc. There are also other checks that monitoring can perform depending on the type of package chosen.

The signals generated by the alarm send valuable information which is logged at the monitoring station such as; when the alarm was set and unset, who set/unset the alarm, which detector was responsible for triggering the alarm and time of activation. Fortress Security is able to issue event history reports upon your request detailing the activities generated from your alarm, alternatively Fortress monitoring allows you to view all of the above-mentioned signals through a web browser or from your iPhone.

Packages on Offer

Fortress Security offers a range of monitoring packages to suit your individual needs. These include:

Activation Only

  • Event activation monitoring and response
  • Set/unset (arm/disarm) log only

Activation and Night Check

  • Event activation monitoring and response
  • Unset log
  • Sets logs are scheduled for one set time per night, 7 days per week and one call is made to the site and/or key holder's to advise of the unactivated state

Fully Supervised

  • Event activation monitoring and response
  • Sets/unset's are scheduled. If the alarm opens earlier than the scheduled time or is not set by the scheduled time a call is made to the site and/or key holder to verify persons on site and obtain time on site or new set time
  • Sets and unset's - records user names


If you are a Fortress Security monitoring customer, please follow the link below and enter your username & password to view your events:  CLICK HERE.

For more information on monitoring  contact us now, or apply for a no obligation quote or assessment.