Types of Detector

Alarm Detectors are connected to the Alarm System to detect intrusion. There are many different types and technologies available, each suited to the environment in which they are intended to be installed and the result which needs to be achieved.

Fortress Security's expertise always ensures the correct alarm detector technology type is used to achieve optimum results, and with minimal risk of false alarms.

We also offer the option of installing Smoke/Fire Detectors, which can be added to Alarm Systems to offer an effective means of detecting and signalling the presence of fire.

Some of the more common Detector types are:

types_of_detectorPIR's provide 'space protection' and are designed to detect the heat movement of a person. The technology ranges from standard PIR's to 360 degree, long range, wide angle, curtain-type and pet-immune PIR's. Some are weather resistant for outdoor installations.

PIR's can also have built-in Microwave sensors, also known as 'Dual-techs'. These are usually installed in harsher environments like roof spaces, garages, or workshops. The combined technology of Microwave and Infra-red reduces the risk of false alarms by not only detecting heat movement, but by detecting the movement of a solid object.

Some PIR's have anti-mask technology to detect when the view has been blocked. Anti-mask PIR's are effective for detecting if the unit has been spray-painted in preparation for a burglary.

Combined PIR, Microwave and Anti-mask are often referred to as 'Tri-techs' and provide maximum security with minimum risk of false alarms.

Magnetic Reed switches

Magnetic Reed Switches are used to detect the opening of doors and windows.

The Reed Switch is usually installed on the non-moving part i.e. the door frame, and a magnet is installed on the moving part i.e. the door. When the door opens the Reed Switch changes state, causing activation.

Reed switches come in many shapes and forms to suit the application, ranging from small concealed switches installed in residential properties, to heavy duty Reed's installed on roller shutter doors.

Glass break Detectors

Glass break detectors are used to detect the attempt of unauthorised entry through any glazed area.

They detect the frequencies of smashing glass and act as a very effective means of security protection, as they are designed to activate the alarm before the intruders have penetrated the secure area.

Vibration Detectors

Vibration Detectors are used to detect the attempt of unauthorised entry into a building.

They are sometimes referred to as 'shock sensors' or 'inertia sensors' and are used to detect the vibrations or 'thuds'. They can be mounted on doors and window frames, or in high security vaults and are designed to activate the alarm before the intruders have penetrated the secure area.

Point to Point Beams

Point to Point security beams are comprised of two components: a transmitter and a receiver.

Detection is achieved when the invisible beam between the transmitter & receiver is interrupted or broken. They are an effective means of intrusion detection in both internal & external applications.

Smoke/Fire Detection

Fortress Security is able to add extra value to your alarm system by installing a Smoke detector or Heat detector to detect and signal the presence of fire.

If fire is detected, the audible sounders will alert the occupants and if the system is connected to a monitoring station, the fire brigade can be alerted with immediate response.

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