Sounders and Strobes


sounder_strobeSounders and Strobes are connected to the Alarm System to indicate the presence of an intruder, fire or an attack.

Internal Sounders are usually placed in a central location which can be heard from anywhere within the building. External Sounders are usually placed in a location which will generate the most noise and are fitted with Strobes which act as both a visual and audible means of signalling.

As well as generating noise, Sounders act as a deterrent against intruders and are used to indicate that the premises' has an alarm installed. For this reason, a dummy Sounder can also be installed in addition to the live Sounder.

Sounders and Strobes also have other uses, such as indicating when a fire door has been opened, or a 'chime' function which emits a tone when someone enters the door of a building. Strobes can be used to indicate to staff within a building that the receptionist has activated his/her panic button and requires assistance.

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