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It’s Summertime – How Safe Are Your Valuables?

Crimes generally increase in the summer months once schools are let out, notably residential burglaries.  Homes and businesses without a security system are believed to be 2-3 time more likely to be targeted.

Auckland security firm, Fortress Security can attest that most incidents occur during the hours of darkness and usually to premises which have an absence of a security system.

Fortress Security director, Steve Roberts states “you never know what tomorrow holds, and some things can never be replaced.  It’s a known fact that most burglars avoid alarm systems”.

Protecting homes and businesses these days can come at a very affordable price.  One of the more recent ways to source security system bargains is to search on websites such as Trade Me.  Roberts take on any means of sourcing a security solution:  “the weight-up has to be something that is a) technically dependable, and b) will ultimately ensure peace of mind from the likes of burglary or home invasion”.

With reference to perceived online bargains: “Once installation is finished, there is a good chance you may never hear from the installer again. The questions you should ask yourself are:  Are they a registered company – could you really track them down again, if required?   Does the company themselves or the technician hold a Certificate of Approval or Security Licence as issued by the NZ Security Licences Authority – ultimately who are you letting on your property?”  He continues “the poor or non-existent level of after-service is something I often hear from disgruntled customers, calling me when things go wrong.  Another factor is – are you offered any warranty? If so, how certain are you that this will be honoured?  A final aspect to consider:  Do they have the ability to offer a system that can be monitored now or in future – for example if your alarm goes off when you are away on holiday, you may choose to have a guard turn up”.  Roberts concludes “do your homework – cowboys could cause you a financial loss, as well as a major headache!”.

Fortress Security works with businesses and home owners to find the best security solution to protect both people and possessions whilst working to their price range.  Security Systems such as alarms and CCTV add value to properties and as an added bonus can save you money year upon year with selected insurance policies.

Innovations in technology have made security systems not only more dependable, but the advent of smartphones has affordably opened the floodgates to further peace of mind, protecting people and property loss by verifying system events such as if an alarm has been activated or deactivated.  The user has the ability to arm and disarm the system through a smartphone application which logs real-time who has performed these actions and when.  Also growing ever popular are CCTV and IP video solutions which allow homeowners and businesses to be able to view footage live from their smartphone.

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