commerciall_intercomIntercom Systems are mainly used for the screening of visitors before they enter a premise.

They can offer 2-way audio communication and 1-way video verification. The basic concept is simple; a visitor presses the 'call' button at the Door Station to signal their arrival. The staff respond by communicating with the visitors at the audio (and video) handset, then releasing the door by a simple push of the button from their handset. This door release button in commercial applications can be used to open many types of doors including gates, barrier arms, roller doors, turnstiles etc.

Intercom Systems can be used for small businesses with just one door station, to large businesses with multiple door stations and handsets.

PABX Integration

Intercom Systems could also be connected and interfaced with PABX Systems where the door station becomes an extension and can be programmed to alert any extension or multiple extensions when the call button is pressed.  A door, gate or barrier arm can be opened using an existing telephone handset with the ability to divert to a different handset when unattended.

Intercom Systems often have built-in keypads which give access to tenants by entering their PIN code. Door stations can be concealed (flush) or surface mounted, and are often vandal resistant stainless steel.

Intercom Systems should not be confused with more complex Access Control Systems, as Intercoms rarely have the ability to log movements of users and are not usually connected to PC's for programming and integration.

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