Access Control Software


Operator Software offers the client a user-friendly means of modifying user access levels and time zones, adding or deleting users and investigation of log events and activity. The software is usually installed on a PC and linked to the Access Control System. Software can also be installed on an off-site PC which communicates to the system via phone line/broadband/ethernet. This application is useful for clients who wish to make changes to a system from an off-site location, or clients may choose to allow Fortress Security remote access to the system via remote dial-up for 24 hour technical support.

Network management software is becoming more popular for larger Access Control Systems, where multiple sites can be managed from any PC connected to the network i.e. from a security room or head office. Combining the capabilities of today's technology with the correct network settings, the limitations are endless, allowing you to control your system from anywhere in the world, even on a beach if the need arises.

Fortress Security understands the importance of 'end-user' training. After all, you need to be competent with the software you're using and it can be daunting to know that a simple mistake could have major security implications. For that reason we offer our clients end-user training courses, breaking down especially some of the more complex systems and relating them to the actual user environment.

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